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Colares DOC

Small wine region around the village of Colares, between the Atlantic and the Sintra hills.

It is known for full-bodied red wines, with rich color and dense tannins, born by the sea, between sand dunes and cane palisades.

Colares region was demarcated in 1908, but the origin of their wines date back to 1255, when D. Afonso III ordered vine planting  from France. Its unique characteristics are mainly the fact of the vineyard being installed in a "sand floor", with vines planted in the sand directly without any rootstocks.

 Colares sandy soils managed to keep phylloxera away, so certain vineyards , not grafted, are among the oldest in Portugal. The traditional red grape variety of the region is Ramisco, with minimum 80% representation in the DOC wines of the region, as well as Malvasia, in white varieties.