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Douro Region and Douro Valley

Tourism in Douro: a unique river and a unique wine.

The Douro river is about men who turned mountains into shale walls and farming land, a collective effort of many cultures: an epic work.

For this and more, the Douro is an ideal region for leisure, for the pure enjoyment of  the most refined worldly pleasures. Nowadays, tours and cruises on the Douro are activities elected by increasingly more tourists, who travel to Northern Portugal coming from the most distant countries.

Douro - first wine region in the world

Sheltered from the humid Atlantic winds by the mountains of Marão and Montemuro,the Douro region was first defined and regulated in 1756,this was the first legislation in the wine world.

It is located in Northeastern Portugal between Barqueiros and Mazouco, on the Spanish border. The birthplace of exceptional wines.

Douro Wines

The Douro region extends for 250 000 ha today, but the vine only occupies 40 000 ha in deep basins and it comprehends Douro and its tributaries; Corgo, Torto, Pinhão, Tua, Coa, among others. The Douro is divided into three sub-regions, Lower Corgo to the west, Upper Corgo in the center and Alto Douro in the east , each one of these with varied climatic expressions, but always presenting cold winters and hot dry summers.

Harvest in Douro

The combination of these factors, coupled with the nobility of the varieties used, determines the quality and genuineness of Douro wines, which are nothing more than the expression of the harmonious marriage between land, climate, love and the art of man.

But the Douro isn?t just vineyards, wine, almonds and olive oil, it is the people and the winemakers who have made History and stories. The Douro farms, welcoming and bucolic, still away from everything.