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What to visit in Douro

Douro - Heritage

Characterized by its extraordinary natural beauty, its protected areas, or even by the monumentality of its heritage, the Douro region also attracts for its famous wines:

Port, the Douro wine white and red, sparkling wine and brandys added to traditional gastronomy , to the hospitality and to the traditions that define the spirit of its people.

Regional cuisine and wines in the land of good food.

From the top of the mountains, comes the goat, rabbit, partridge and hare, turning this region into a meeting point for those who dedicate themselves to hunting. From the rivers and streams arrives at the table the brook trout.

Land of good food and good drink, the region offers excellent suggestions to those who arrive: ham, smoked meat bread , chestnut soup, sausage soup, trout with ham, partridge in a pot, roast pork with chestnuts, cod bread, ham bread or smoked pork.

The desserts are also original and varied, the sponge cake, the oven squash, the celestiais, rosquilhas and love cookies ( made of eggs and sugar ), among many others.

Speaking about Douro as a destination is speaking about the river itself, its terraced vineyards, the farms where famous Port wine is produced and  the secular pilgrimages that take place throughout the region.

Douro Estates and Manors

The landscape is enormously attractive. From the riversides to the mountainous surroundings, from the beauty of the wild broom to the domesticated vine terraces, to the almond trees and flowering cherry trees; this unique landscape in myriad shades and colors gets unfolded, depending on the site and season.

Everywhere the manors and the estates, the testimonies of wandering people from diverse cultures, indelibly mark the landscape. As an example the Coa Valley, which contains in itself the largest and most beautiful park of pre-historic rock art in the world, also considered world heritage site by UNESCO.

The medieval heritage is also intense and deep. Castles like Numão, Marialva and Freixo de Espada à Cinta recall at every moment, the strategic importance that the Douro region has always had throughout history.

The land of Port wine

Pinhão  is considered geographically, the center of the Douro Valley, where many of the wine farms of Port and Douro are established. The valley is spectacular and beautiful, with the hills descending steeply to the river, and the more inland you go, the more silent and quieter it gets,  in places where human presence shows itself only in the presence of the terraces of vines arranged along the edges and some olive trees.

This is the land of Port Wine, the first demarcated wine region in the world, established in 1756.

 Come and discover it